This document serves as a formal agreement between X One Ventures Sdn Bhd and you as our X.One® Official Dealer, who will provide professional services of On-board Dealer, commenced upon today and under the stated terms and conditions.

1) Application
  • The enlisted terms shall apply to all X.One® Care app contracts. No amount of amendment, alteration, waiver or cancellation of any sorts is covered unless reassured by X One Ventures Sdn Bhd in writing.
  • No company employee or agent had the right to represent and provide verbal commitments (warranty, product delivery or sales) aside from the stated terms.
2) Activation Points Table
Product ActivationPoints
Activate by Member QR code50 points (Limited to 3 activations per month per Member)
Activate by Manual Key in Member Details0 point.
Activate VIP Member Card100 points.
3) Rules and Regulations
  • Dealer must at all times, comply with the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).
  • It is advised to restrain from the act of incentive confiscation as the incentive programme is intended faaaor staff morale enhancement.
4) Additional Commercial Support
  • X.One® Care will periodically launch campaigns along with attractive prizes to boost publicity.
Your use of these features and this Application is subject to the Privacy Policy, User Agreement, and any other agreements applicable to you at in our X.One® Care App.