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[pr_infobox icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-connectdevelop” title=”5H SURFACE HARDNESS” descr=”Industry’s highest scratch resistance rating on a PET material screen protector.” title_f_size=”18″ descr_f_size=”14″ icon_color=”#000000″ icon_bg_color=”#cccccc”]

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[pr_infobox icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-magic” title=”3X HD TRANSPARENCY” descr=”Preserve your device’s high definition display. Enjoy high clarity views.” title_f_size=”18″ descr_f_size=”14″ icon_color=”#000000″ icon_bg_color=”#cccccc”]

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With 20 millions devices protected by X-One screen protector worldwide, you’ll know your favorite device is in safe hands. Our latest X-One Extreme Shock Eliminator screen protector will absorb up to 5X the impact of an original phone screen.

X One is always committed in offering the best screen protectors. That’s why X One has designed the latest 3rd generation Extreme Shock Eliminator.
The Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector consists of 5 layers of technologically advanced components, when combined, they form the toughest
protection barrier that will withstand the unexpected mishaps of your active daily life.

Anti Shock Direct Impact Shock Resistance

X One Extreme Shock Eliminator will strengthen your screen’s shock resistance capability by up to 5 times! No more daily worries of cracking screens from accidental direct impacts! No more taking risks of expensive screen repairs!

Puncture Protection Ultra Stretch Resistance

Able to perform like a car bumper, slowing down and dispersing impacts, the Ultra Durable Stretch Resistance layer serves critically among the composition of X One Extreme Series screen protector. It creates ultimate protection against sharp objects, blocking them from piercing through the screen protector.

Ultra HD Extreme Clarity

X One puts optics and light transmittance into priority, to offer vivid and flawless image clarity. X One understands and emphasizes on image quality. X One Extreme Series sharpens and retains the crisp, Ultra HD image quality of today’s modern smartphones.

Perfect Touch Smooth Touch Experience

Direct-injected Coating Technology allows Oleophobic coatings to be directly engineered into a PET film material, instead of being applied on top of the screen protector. This industry’s leading coating technology creates longer lasting coating lifespan. This coating recreates the smooth touch experience of an original phone screen.

Anti Smudges Fingerprint Resistance and Easy Cleaning

X One Extreme Series’ signature feature, providing fingerprint resistance and keeping grease at bay, not allowing it to adhere to the screen protector. It takes only a simple wipe with a clean soft cloth to do all the works!

Air-Releasing Adhesive Quick and Easy Application

X One Nano Silicon Adhesion compound bonds swiftly onto the screen, pushing air outwards via its electrostatic feature. Lesser trapped bubbles, easier application!

Ultra-soft Tough Strength and Durability

X One Extreme Series is made of ultra durable PET material, therefore will not deform or crack upon bending. This enables easy removal and cleaning for reapplication, unlike tempered glass, may crack or break easily during removal.

Washable for Reapplication Ultra Durable Silicon Adhesive

X One Waterproof Nano Silicon Adhesive is able to maintain its adhesiveness even after repeated washing. Excessive dust and grease on adhesive side can be easily washed off without damaging its adhesive function.