Be Careful If You Like To Play Phone Games A Lot!

Based on the Facebook post that went viral, a boy had his thumb infected and had to go for surgery because the tempered glass that he is using was cracked and he ignored it. Since he was also an avid gamer, he would be expected to slide his phone all day long.

He went to see the doctor where he was given antibiotics and painkillers but it didn’t help his situation at all. He then went to the doctor again only to realize that his thumb was infected and swollen!

IMG 20190816 143134
Source : Facebook

It was later discovered that the tiny glass from the tempered glass might have cut his thumb while he was still using it. He didn’t realise that the wound had gotten infected until the doctor referred him to the hospital and when they operated, the surgeon had to really dig out all the infected flesh so that he could make a full recovery.

IMG 20190816 143408
Source : Facebook

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