Common problems with Tempered Glass

Halo effect is quite a known problem nowadays. If you still do not know what halo effect is, halo effect is where you will experience “white bubbles” on the edge of your screen protector. This problem normally occurred on tempered glass users.

There are several videos online recommended that by applying from vegetable oil, baby oil and even olive oil. By applying a little bit onto the affected area, and you will no longer see the white bubbles anymore. Genius right? BUT WAIT!

Why does it works? Well, it works because the oil are actually just merely covering the air gap between the protector and the screen device. After going through several researches online, we’ve found several important things that you might need to take note.

First and foremost issue is that by applying oil to remove Halo Effect is just a temporary solution. Some people claimed that it only works temporarily and after a certain period of time, the problem comes back.

Second issue, the oil that you applied may cause your phones to smell and oily. And as we all know, oil stains are hard to wash off without any liquid detergent.

Third and MOST IMPORTANT issue is that, the oil will stain onto your screen device and ended up having a stained screen. Some people also claimed that once it’s stained into the screen, stains can’t be removed and the only solution to it is to replace a brand new LCD. Stained screen will also cause the screen to appear slightly dimmer as usual.

In overall, to use or not to use oil to remove Halo Effect it’s all up to individual preference. What we can do to help is to advice consumers based on what we’ve researched.

If you’re seeking a permanent solution to remove Halo Effect, X.One® screen protectors are highly recommended to you as the precise cutting of our protector helps in eliminating these issues.