Protect your iPhone X with X.One© Extreme Shock Eliminator

Apple claims the iPhone X has the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone, with a strengthening layer that is 50 percent deeper, but a series of drop tests show that glass and concrete still don’t play well together.

According SquareTrade a warranty provider company, concluded after a series of 1.8-metre (6ft) drop and tumble tests that the top-end smartphone is the “most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair an iPhone ever”.

By performing the drop test, the iPhone X from the height on to concrete, the glass of the screen of the iPhone X survived, but the display malfunctioned and the essential home swipe gesture stopped being recognised. When dropped face down from the same height, the screen’s glass shattered, the display malfunctioned and Face ID stopped working, while a drop on to its back saw the rear glass shatters.

Repairing a screen costs $279 (RM1,116) on the iPhone X without AppleCare+, while “other damage” costs $549 (RM2,196). Thankfully, it is possible to add 360 angle protection to your iPhone X’s weak point with our Back Protector and DropGuard Casing. Why pay more to repair your cracked screen when you can get something to protect your device?

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