Tempered Glass VS X.One© Extreme Shock Eliminator

Over the years, X.One Extreme Shock Eliminator had always been misunderstood by consumers as our products are tempered glass which indeed absolutely FALSE. Our screen protectors are made out of PET Material also known as Nano Silicon. Put aside all of the confusions and we will explain the differences between tempered glass and X.One’s Extreme Shock Eliminator Screen Protector.

1. Toughness


Glass as a material excels in hardness(5H, some even up to 9H), therefore making them hard to scratch. However, glass is brittle and therefore doesn’t offer any impact protection. Once force exerted towards the tempered glass, it will break.

On the other hand, X.One© Extreme Shock Eliminator is difficult to crack. It consists of 5 layers of technologically advanced components, when combined, they form the probably toughest protection barrier that will withstand the unexpected mishaps of your active daily life. There might be dents if any sharp objects knocked onto the screen protectors as this is due to the nature of soft gel-like property and definitely will not crack like how tempered glass appears to be.

2. Shock Absorption Test


When we dropped a metal ball(approx. 250grams) from 11 inches height,

From the test shown, X.One©’s screen protector survived the test without any breaks or shatters, but as for the Tempered Glass protector, it cracked.
The TPU layer of Nano screen protector is effective to prevent any force exerted towards the screen device. Nano-polymer structure technology helps to increase 50% in shock absorption than usual.

When Tempered Glass cracks, people may be hurt by the broken glass resulting in cuts towards user’s finger.


3. Durability


Hammer test on screen protectors and what will we see?

After several hits, Tempered Glass starts to shatter and cracks at the same time, X.One©’s screen protector, on the other hand, managed to survive the test without any cracks although there might be some slight dent towards the screen protector.


4. Fingerprint


Due to its oleophobic coating in our screen protectors, fingerprints are slightly less noticeable as compared to the tempered glass where fingerprints are easily noticeable once touched as oleophobic coating and the quality of the glass is just not good enough and defeat the purpose of a screen protector.

At the end of the day, no doubt, tempered glass is stronger than any ordinary screen protectors in terms of scratch protection, however, when it comes to trying to protect something from drops, impacts, and abrasive forces, glass isn’t a great candidate. There’s always a reason why car doors aren’t made of glass.

Although X.One© Extreme Shock Eliminator promises an anti-shock function that does not mean that it will 100% prevent screen device from cracking. Our products are meant to be shock RESISTANT and not shock PROOF. Any force exerted more than the required amount will have the probability to break the screen’s device. Our screen protectors are built to help toughen up the screen device up to 5 times only and act as a sacrificial barrier towards your screen device.