X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator 7H (4th Generation)

X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator Reborn. Now with LotusFX™ Coating, inspired by nature.

Unvealing the 4th Generation of the world’s toughest screen protector. The long-awaited upgrade to the immensely popular 3rd Generation Extreme series.

Experience the Best of Glass, without the cracks! All the best features in 3rd Generation, now upgraded with LotusFX™ Coating, inspired by nature.

LotusFX™ mimics the lotus leaf, creating a glass-like surface that resists oil and smudge, so your screen stays clearer for longer.

LotusFX™ enhances the Surface Hardness to 7H – a level never seen before on a PET material, resulting in even better scratch resistance. Pro-longing the lifespan of your screen protector.

X.One’s revolutionary Impact Fusion formulation now multiplies your screen’s original toughness by up to 6X!

Get the protection upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

7H Extreme iPhone 11 02
7H Extreme iPhone 11 04
7H Extreme iPhone 11 07
7H Extreme iPhone 11 06

What’s improved in X.One® Extreme 4th Generation?

  • 5X Upgrade to 6X Impact Resistance Multiplier.
  • 5H Upgrade to 7H Surface Hardness for even better scratch resistance.
  • Upgraded fingerprint resistance. Super Easy to Clean.
  • Super Smooth Touch for Gaming.
  • Ultra HD Full view Experience
    Best of Glass, without the cracks!