iPhone 14 Plus – X.One® DropGuard Pro Impact Protection Case (Glitter Series)


DropGuard Pro Features :

  • Air Cushion Technology. Air cushions on four corners effectively absorb impact forces when falling.
  • Precise cut button cover. Offer solid feedback that’s easy to feel and press with precise cutouts.
  • DNA Guard Technology. Unique polymer blend that provides >90% of its impact absorbing capability.
  • Camera Protection. Camera lens stays safe under the edge guard, prevent from scratches.
  • TPU + PET material. Premium material keeps the case completely tough and transparent for longer.
  • Slim & lightweight. Super sleek slimness of 3mm and light as a cotton (<25g).
  • US MIL-STD 810G Military Standard. 3 Meter drop protection certified by TÜV Nord.

* When used overtime, Clear Transparent color may become discolored naturally.

Slim and clear protection with a style of glamourous bling. Engineered with DNA Guard™ Technology, X.One’s iPhone Impact Protection cases are designed to withstand the toughest drops and impacts.

What’s the difference between Dropguard Pro, Dropguard 2.0 and Shock Dominator?

They are identical in terms of their impact protection capabilities, drop tested up to heights of 20ft, engineered by DNA Guard™ Technology. The only differences is their unique designs and style, catering to various individual preferences.

*Note : Transparent Clear Glitter will discolor overtime. If this your concern, choose Transparent Black Glitter or Transparent Purple Glitter.


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