iPhone 13 Mini – X.One® Armorvisor Privacy (4th Generation) 2.5D Full Screen


ArmorVisor(4th Generation) Features

  • Blue Light Cut Layer. Block 90% of 380mm – 430mm blue light emitted from device. Blu-ray is harmful to body under long exposure, causes dry eyes, fatigue, increase in short-sightedness, and even sleeping problems.
  • True Color. Retains original screen clarity without yellowish/purple tint.
  • Feels Like Glass, Yet Unbreakable. Experience the best of glass, without the cracks!
  • 6X Anti Shock. Now even tougher with X.One’s Revolutionary Impact Fusion Material greatly improve shock absorption capability up to 6X!
  • LotusFX™ Oleophobic Coating. Coating inspired by nature that mimics the surface of a lotus leaf that resists dirt and oil.
  • Fingerprint Resistant. Now even easier to clean your surface thanks to our LotusFX™ coating.
  • Case friendly. Fits with 99% of the casing brands in the market.
  • Air Releasing Technology. Apply our screen protectors perfectly even if you do not have any experience.

Armorvisor + Privacy (4th Gen)

Shield your eyes and device with X.One Armorvisor – The Real Anti-Blue Light screen protector with 6X Impact Protection without purple or blueish tint. Enhanced with Optic Defense layer which filters up to 90% harmful blue light from your device to help reduce digital strains such as eye pain, dry eyes, headache, etc.

Also comes with additional, Privacy (Anti-Peeping) feature to prevent people looking at your screen from the sides.


1) What’s the difference between X.One’s signature Hybrid Polymer screen protector and Tempered Glass protector?

Hybrid Polymer is made from a proprietary blend of TPU and PET film. This multi-layered film forms a material that is flexible and highly durable. When fused with LotusFX™ Glass Coating, it gives you the smoothness of a tempered glass protector with a commendable scratch resistance.

Tempered glass protectors, however, have better scratch resistance and a smoother screen surface. But, it may crack under pressure or during impacts, which means more replacements are needed throughout your device’s lifespan.

Depending on preferences, not all users like the experience of tempered glass protectors that constantly crack or chip on the edges, which may pose a safety hazard if not handled carefully. If you prefer something safer, more durable, and lasts longer, consider switching to Hybrid Polymer screen protectors.


2) Does Hybrid Polymer offer the same Impact Protection as Tempered Glass?

We put our screen protectors through rigorous tests, including hammering a nail into a wooden block and applying direct impacts with a hammer, as seen in many of our real-life extreme test videos.

Despite these extreme tests, our screen protector has proven remarkably durable and can consistently safeguard the device’s screen


3) What’s the thickness of this screen protector?

0.65mm thick! Thick enough to provide you superior impact protection without affecting your screen’s touch sensitivity.

Screen Protector Care Notice : In order to prolong the lifespan of your screen protector, we advise to avoid placing your device together with keys/coins or placing 2 handphone devices together to minimize the chances of scratches or abrasion on the screen protector surface.