X.One®Nano Magcharge 5000mAh Wireless Powerbank with 20W PD USB-C Port


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Features of Nano Magcharge 5000mAh Wireless Powerbank:

  • Safe Charging Protection. Smart chip built-in to prevent overheating, overcharge & short-circuit protection.
  • 2 modes of charging. Magnetic wireless charging and wireless charging.
  • 20W Two-way fast charging. Adopts USB-C port, which not only can fast charge your device but also quickly recharge your powerbank through fast charge adapter.
  • Blazing speed charge.Fast charge your phone from 0-50% in just 30 minutes via USB-C output.
  • Strong Magnetic Suction.Built with strong magnets for efficient charging.
  • Snap and charge.No more tangled or fumbling cables.
  • Compact design.Small in size. Easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Foreign object detection.Wireless charger will stop charging when there is foreign object detected such as metal and coins, reassuring you with a safe charging experience.