Cheap Tempered Glass? Fullscreen Tempered Glass?

Cheap Tempered Glass? Fullscreen Tempered Glass? This is what happens. See the bubbles around the edges?

So you’ve got yourself a new device and what’s next? Buying tempered glass of course! Often people look for “cheap” or “fullscreen” tempered glass and the final result is shown as above. What’s next? You go search another tempered glass and yet the problem still remains the same.

Ever wondered why does the problem occur? It’s called Halo effect. That’s because if you realized, the edge of our screen display are slightly curved. This is called 2.5D screen display and most of times our screen display are shaped like this. When it’s slightly curved on the edges, how can a “fullscreen” tempered glass adhere onto the edges when the material is “hard”?

This explains why X.One® Screen Protectors(hybrid-polymer) material are made only at 98% fullscreen.

Often times people say, “it’s not fullscreen, so it can’t protect my screen”. The question to problem is that, are you using a phone case? If yes, is your casing raised up a bit from the screen? (thick case) OR is your phone case is aligned the same with the phone screen? (thin case)

There’s always a reason why don’t recommend our consumers to use Tempered Glass. Yes, tempered glass is indeed cheap but what is the purpose of getting it cheaply when the final result is ugly?Also not to mention, tempered glass breaks when you dropped your phone and you had to get a new replacement for your protector.

Picture source : Facebook Group(huawei 吹水站)