Do you think tempered glass will protect your screen? Think again!

Some may think that hard tempered glass makes your screen invincible. But the fact is, they’re not only untrue, but it catches a lot of fingerprints as well! Contrary to popular beliefs that tempered glass is good at anti-fingerprint and provide exceptional anti-shock capability, tempered glass not only is prone to cracks, but it does not protect well.

Tempered glass is indeed “hard” and giving the intention to users that “hard” is equivalent to tough. What you do not know is that, once you dropped your phone onto the ground, tempered glass chipped on the sides, some might even crack and causing cuts to your fingers if you did not replace a new one.

Not to mention that problems with tempered glass nowadays are quite common which is the HALO EFFECT. If you do not know what Halo Effect is do check out our previous post.  Just a brief recap, Halo Effect or so-called, “white edges” caused due to the phone display in the market today are made out of 2.5D glass display which has a slight curvature on the edges.

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Thankfully with X.One Screen Protectors, made out of polymer-based material, we can ensure that problems mentioned as above will not arise. For a good comprehensive protection, do double up with an anti-shock case! – X.One® Cases

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Our casing offers :

Edge Guard Protection.  Over 70% of mobile devices screen cracks happens when it is dropped on the edges. That’s why we’ve designed Edge Guard technology to protect your precious device.

Impact Resistant. Signature air compartment structure designed to absorb and disperse impact.

Low profile. Our Edge Guard offers you drop protection from 3 meters and day-to-day wear and tear.

Premium Material. Premium TPU material imported from Germany.