Have You Ever Wonder Why There Is A “Rainbow” On Your Screen Device?

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Try looking at the picture above. Does it look familiar to you?  Have you ever wonder why does that even happened?

You will observe the “Rainbow Effect” if you use a cheap tempered glass or cheap polymer screen protector on a curved screen phone or if the air bubbles get stuck in the glass while placing on the phone.

WHAT causes  “Rainbow Effect” and WHY does it matter to you?

Rainbow Effect happens when the tempered glass or cheap polymer screen protector does not have a full adhesive all over the screen protector. To make it simple, the adhesive area of the Tempered Glass is only on the sides of the protector and the middle of the screen protector does not adhere to the phone screen properly. When this happens at a long-term usage, touch screen sensitivity will be affected as you might need to press your phone screen with a slight force to stay responsive.

Furthermore, the rainbow effect on the screen may cause slight pain on your eyes if you stare for a long period as some of our eyes are glued to the phone screen all day long. Why torture your vision when you can take good care of it?

Most of the cheap tempered glass sold on the market having the problems mentioned as above. Be sure to ask your seller whether does the fullscreen tempered glass has a full adhesive on the screen protector or only at the sides of the protector? If the answers are only on the sides, stop wasting your time and money purchasing it.

It is hard to get a fullscreen screen protector alongside with fullscreen adhesive in the market right now as phones nowadays are manufactured slightly curved on the edges(2.5D). If the screen protector has a fullscreen adhesive, then the possibilities are, the edges are not fully adhered and will cause HALO EFFECT which we will be covering in our next section!

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