What Happens When You Charge Your Phone Overnight?

It is an issue ever since mobile phones were created. Some of us sometimes charge our devices at night and fall asleep keeping in our mind that we will wake up to a fully charged device. Best feeling ever!

According to research, leaving our phones plugged overnight is okay to do so and it will not overly harm our device.

There’s a reason why our phones are called smartphones. When it’s fully charged, it knows when to stop the current from coming in to protect your phone from overcharging.

BUT here’s the thing. If this action is repeated in the long run, it will reduce the lifespan of your battery!

Lithium-ion batteries can react poorly if our phone experiences increase in temperatures, leading to a damaging effect.

If you have a case on your device that does not allow heat to escape, this heat will increase the temperature of the battery, which will reduce the capacity and shorten the lifespan.

So, what’s the optimum way to charge your phone?

The way to charge your phone is to keep them charged between 50% and 80%. This allows the ions in the battery to continue to work and protect the life of your battery.

Charging your device in short cycle throughout the day will give these ions just enough energy to keep them going.

Frequent top-ups, rather than one daily charge up, is healthier for your battery. It’s not convenient, but that’s the optimal way to charge your smartphone if you want to ensure the longest life possible.

In general, overcharging your phone does not bring in any harm but in long run it will decreases your battery’s lifespan.