Unauthorized Resellers Warning

    Due to the popularity of X.One® products, unauthorized resellers may appear and disappear in online platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, 11Street, and they may change names often.
    Please be aware of the following risks if you purchase X.One® products from an unauthorized reseller. X.One® will not be responsible for purchase from unauthorized resellers due to:
  • Inability to validate the original purchase date and ownership with the original sales receipt.
  • Price may seem cheap due to stolen items or items from an unauthorized source.
  • Poor After Sales service. Resellers are fully responsible for their own After sales service.
  • Item shipped to you may be counterfeit, forged, or refurbished goods.
  • Item may ship with serial numbers removed or modified.
  • Item may appear new but contain damage from improper use.
  • Item may never ship – contact with the seller may be difficult or impossible.
  • Inferior product may be substituted for the advertised X.One® product.

Unauthorized Resellers List
Shop NamePlatform
One Future EnterpriseShopee
De HideinShopee
Power MobileShopee
chen gadget326Shopee
Top Gadget MalaysiaShopee
Larry EnterpriseShopee
Two Mobile Accessories TradingShopee

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