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Live your life FEARLESSLY

You play, we protect. Don’t let your precious smartphone break when it falls onto the ground when you are having fun. Protect your device today with X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator Screen Protector.

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30 Million Customers

Hit a record of 30 million screen protectors sold to customers

Top Brand Award 2018

Awarded by Global Business Magazine as the Top Excellence Brand Award in Asia Pacific

Over 60 countries

An internationally recognized brand with partners all over the world

Ultimate solution for your screen defense

The most advanced polymer-based screen protector available


Get ready to be amazed when your device is able to withstand short fall like nothing happen. Consists of 5 layers of technologically advanced components.

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Provide fingerprint resistance and keeping grease at bay,not allowing it to adhere to the screen protector.

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Surface with nano coating, so the protector has no influence on screen touch sensitivity and high response. Hassle-free.

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Highest hardness rating obtained on a soft PET film. Provides impressively durable and scratch-resistant screen protection for your device.

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This is NOT a tempered glass

Learn what our customers have to say

The best screen protector I’ve ever use!! Hands down. So far, no other screen protector can match this screen protector (3rd Gen Extreme Shock Eliminator Screen Protector) performance. Used on note 5, no air bubbles on edging, ever.

Ar Vin

From Kuching

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Used x-one screen protector on my previous phone (Xperia Z3) and it works greats! I have no issue playing mobile games with the screen protector on it and its texture is smooth and clear. Now getting another one for my new phone Xperia ZXs.

Crystal Peng

From Kuala Lumpur

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Excellent Customer Service And Truly Professional In Attending To Customer Queries. The Products Offered Are TOP Notch And Value For Money. To Everyone Out There, Highly Recommended. And Truly Trusty, Reliable When It Comes To Mobile Solutions.

Jagjit Singh

From Kuala Lumpur

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What are you waiting for? Protect your device with X.One® today

Settle with nothing less and be a part of 30 millions X.One® customers worldwide.

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