iPhone 15 / 15 Plus – X.One Camera Armor Pro GIA Certified Sapphire Lens Protector


Installation Note :

Do not clean the your lens using alcohol wipe, to avoid fogging issue after installation. If you have clean your lens using alcohol wipe, allow 3-5 minutes for the alcohol to fully dry out, only then you begin to install.

Camera Armor Pro features

  • Superior Scratch Protection. Made using GIA certified synthetic sapphire to ensure your camera lens stays scratch free for longer period.
  • GIA Certified Sapphire. X.One Camera Armor Pro is GIA Certified for quality assurance. GIA represents the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity.
  • Super Hydrophobic Coating. Synthetic Sapphire has a smoother surface to ensure easy cleaning against dirt and smudges.
  • Ultra Clear. Engineered using AR Optic Technology ensuring image and video quality will not be affected.
  • Ultra Thin. Only 0.27mm thin after applied. Does not add extra bulk to your lens.
  • Engraved Logo. To guarantee it’s aunthenticity, engraving of X.One logo can be seen on the lens protector.
  • Style It Up. Customise your camera lens with popping colours by keeping it aesthetically pleasing and also protective.

15/15 Plus – Blue, 15/15 Plus – Yellow, 15/15 Plus – Green, 15/15 Plus – Black, 15/15 Plus – Pink, 15/15 Plus – Flame Titanium