X.One Armorvisor Lite (Matte Gaming) For Android – Over 8000+ Models Available


  • Optic Defense. Effectively blocks 90% harmful blue light which causes digital eye strain such as headache, blurred vision, dry eyes.
  • Nano Gel Material. Does not crack like Tempered Glass.
  • Matte Surface. Anti-fingerprint, best for avid gamers.
  • 3X Impact Protection. Strengthen your original screen up to 3X stronger against daily knocks and hit.
  • Oleophobic Coating. Smooth with easy cleaning surface.
  • No Purple/Blueish Tint. Retains original screen clarity without the purple/blueish tint under sunlight conditions.
  • Anti-Bacterial. Silver-Ion protection barrier effectively kill 99% harmful bacteria, providing ultimate hygiene solution to mobile phone users.

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