X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator For Apple (Matte Series)

#1 Best Seller in Extreme Matte Series


Extreme features (Matte series)

  • Anti Shock. Improve up to 5X original screen’s shock resistance
  • Puncture Protection Layer. Block sharp object from piercing through the screen protector, ultimately protect device’s screen
  • 5H+ Scratch Resistance Protection. Highest hardness rating can be obtained on a PET film (soft)
  • Anti-Glare Protection. Superb reduction of mirror-like reflection for improved viewing in bright light.
  • Ultra HD. Gives vivid and flawless image clarity
  • Anti-smudges. Fingerprint resistance, liquid, dirt and grease repellent, providing easy cleaning
  • Air-releasing adhesive. Quick and easy application, electrostatic feature automatically pushes air outwards.
  • Ultra-soft Tough. Not easily deform or crack upon bending, able to be easily removed and cleaned for reapplication
Professionally certified by SGS and TUV

On Product Safety, Quality and Performance.

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