How Durable Is The iPhone XS and XS Max?

Apple claims that their iPhone XS and XS Max has the most durable glass and also tested even with beer. But, how durable really is it?

According to SquareTrade a subsidiary company of Allstate which provides protection plans for electronics revealed their durability test results on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Durability test experiment includes :

  1. Back down drop test
  2. Face down drop test
  3. Tumble test
  4. Pressure Test
  5. Beer test

Watch the video below and see how far they can survive in the durability test.

Video source : SquareTrade

So what can we conclude in this durability test? Your iPhone XS and XS Max are in danger whenever it drops.

According to Switch, one of the leading Apple Premium Resellers in Malaysia, repairing your iPhone may cost up to RM1790!

iphone xr screen replacement price in Malaysia
Source : Switch

So what can yo do to prevent all this from happening? The solution to it is to protect your device by just putting on screen protector and some good drop protection cases!

Our Extreme Shock Eliminator screen protector are 5x stronger than traditional screen protectors.

Made out of polymer material from Japan, it helps absorb and disperse impact to avoid direct impact towards the screen hence reducing the chances of your phone screen from breaking.

how durable is your iphone xr?

how durable is your iphone xr?

how durable is your iphone xr?

But of course to ensure a complete protection for your phone, it is advisable that you put on an impact protection case which is our DropGuard Pro to ensure comprehensive protection. dropguard pro eng 3 dropguard pro eng 1 1 dropguard pro eng 6

At the end of the day, smartphone devices are getting more expensive year by year and screen repair cost will only continue to rise. Hence to prevent money burning in your pocket, it’s always to protect your device before anything happens. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure!