Why We Do Not Sell Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?

Do you have tempered glass for my phone model?

The mobile industry is moving at a face pace year by year. Every time a new phone model is out, we need to be aware. Most of the times, we received questions like, do you have tempered glass screen protector for “this and that” phone model.

Unfortunately, our products are not made from tempered glass. It is made out of polymer-material from Japan. Over the previous years,  screen protectors has been associated with tempered glass ever since! As technology moves forward, there are different types of screen protector material offered in the market.

Although market demand for tempered glass is still yet to be high, here is why we made the choice not to sell tempered glass :-

1. Protecting your screen using a glass does not make sense.

No doubt, tempered glass is stronger in terms of scratches. However, when it comes trying to protect something from accidental drops, impacts, glass isn’t your best choice. It will still break and shatters. There’s a reason why car bumpers are not made from glass. Screen devices today are made of glass, but that does not mean they are particularly strong. Simply because it makes a fantastic and beautiful user interface.

2. Tempered glass screen protectors are harmful for kids. 

In this digital age, you can almost see 8 out of 10 kids has an iPad or smartphone with them. When your device falls, the glass from the tempered glass may shatter and break into pieces. Tiny pieces barely can be seen using naked eyes. When children are unaware of this circumstances, they will pick up the phone and may hurt their fingers causing finger bleeds. What’s more to say when you did not replace your screen protector and babies love to put things into their mouth, what would happen?

3. You have to constantly change your screen protector.

If you’re using a tempered glass screen protector, chances are, you will need to replace your screen protector over and over again whenever it breaks.

4. It will affect touch screen sensitivity.

Some people might think thicker screen protector leads to better screen protection. In theory, this is not wrong. It might do what it seems. But when the thicker your screen protector gets, the more likely it will affect your touch screen sensitivity.

At the end of the day, tempered glass protectors are indeed cheap. But behind every cheap product, there are danger arises which we are not aware of.