Fastest & Safest Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor on Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus? What is it anyway?

As we may know by now, Qualcomm came up with the first ever ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor works by sending high-frequency sound waves to accurately detect your fingerprint’s details. Yes, it is similar to the ultrasound technology in where it can generate a baby’s picture as well as dolphins emitting sound waves to determine the distance of an object.

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You can easily unlock your phone even when the screen went black. Just simply placing your finger on the phone screen can wake the sensor and it will sense the sound waves to detect the identity of the fingerprint. The sound waves can travel through liquid so, even if your finger is greasing from the French fries you’re munching or to the lotion you just applied, the sensor can detect your fingerprint with ease. How convenient!

Not to mention, it also has a larger recognition area where 30% of the screen can be recognize compared to other phone models.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is also harder to fool as it can produce a detailed 3D image, unlike the Optical Sensor where it only produces a 2D image. Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor provides a high level of security by having built-in anti-spoof protection.

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The optical sensor takes up to a second to unlock whereas the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor only takes 200millisecond. This means that this is the fastest sensor available in the market as of now.

Having the fingerprint sensor on the screen means we have to be cautious on choosing the right screen protector as it might hinder the fingerprints recognition performance. Not all screen protectors in the market can support the fingerprint sensor. But with our X O.NE Ultra Series or Stealth Armor Series screen protector, the fingerprint sensor will work smoothly. It also fits 99% of the cases on the market without worrying on flippy edges.

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*Do note that Ultra Series and Ultra Matte Series does not come with an antishock feature.

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